Team-up with the other instagrammers

In this platform, there are lots of celebrities who get thousands and millions of likes and comments, just after a few minutes of posting. Know them, and have a partnership with them. These people have this influence over the audience which will help you attract more instagram followers. Let them host your account every now and them. You may start with letting them host for a day. This can be your initial step toward being recognized by the audience. Once the audience learns about your partnership with the instagram celebrity, these followers will most likely follow you as well even when you start to be independent. You may be surprised how can a small input from instagram celebrities boosts your number of followers. These people have followers who are constantly waiting for new posts from them, so just imagine how it would work if they’ll host your account. You just need to make sure though, that you won’t be doing anything, or won’t be posting anything in the future. Which may possibly destroy the celebrity’s reputation in Instagram. They have worked their way up as well and it wasn’t an easy task. Work hand in hand with these instagram influential people to continuously grow the number of your followers.