1. How to Save a Posted Photo on Instagram

News 10:07 July 2020:

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Whether you are on the instagram social media platform to gain popularity through increased instagram likes or are just here to socialize with your friends and family, there are various functionalities that you need to be aware of for you to have a seamless experience on this platform. By default, all the photos you post on your instagram account are saved to the phone gallery. To alter this options, you will have to select the ‘Save Original Photos’ option on your instagram application. To achieve this:
• You have to navigate to your instagram profile page.
• Go to the profile settings and select the ‘Save Original Photos’ option.
Alternatively, you can avoid changing this setting and opt to save your photos manually on instagram. To save a picture from instagram to your phone manually:
• Go the photo options and copy the menu URL.
• Paste the URL to your phone browser and open the page.
• You should then tap and hold the image on the browser until a menu pops up. You should then click on the save option.
All these options will not interfere with the Instagram likes you had on the photo you are saving.